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Given the recent events on the world stage, we felt it was necessary to highlight our concern at the developing situation in Ukraine and to reiterate our support to patients, carers and our fellow patient advocacy groups within the country and in surrounding countries.
Myeloma Patients Europe is a collaborative association of patient groups striving for better treatments and care for myeloma and AL amyloidosis patients in Europe. We strongly believe that all patients should have access to the best treatment and care, no matter where they live.
We have dedicated members across Europe, including in countries bordering Ukraine, such as Romania, Slovakia, and Poland, who are now confronted with refugees needing support, and countries directly or indirectly impacted on by this conflict, like Finland and Sweden. We also have dedicated patient groups in Russia who are continuing to effectively advocate for the health of cancer patients.
War costs lives because of fights and destruction, but also because essential medical treatments and care for cancer and other patients are delayed, put on hold or just stopped. Conflicts and wars never serve the health of a population and directly contradict the values and tireless efforts of the whole advocacy community.
We therefore stand with all our members, in their concerns and their efforts to help patients and carers. We stand with the patient groups, clinicians and hospitals in Ukraine, confronted with the disruption to their important work for patients. We stand beside the patient groups and clinicians in the surrounding countries of Ukraine, working to help Ukrainian patients and to ensure they receive the treatment and care they need.
Finally, we hope that through strategic diplomacy and collaboration European countries can collectively find a peaceful end to this conflict without further harmful effects on people’s lives.
If any of our members would like to discuss the situation relating to Ukrainian cancer patients or need our support, please do not hesitate to let us know by emailing info@mpeurope.org








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