European Myeloma Day

To raise awareness about myeloma and highlight the most important issues for European patients, as well as generate data and discuss solutions, Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) holds European Myeloma Day on 27 September.

The current focus is on diagnosis, the consequences and impacts of delays in detecting myeloma. Early diagnosis of myeloma has been shown to minimise disease complications and improve quality of life. LEARN more about key facts on early diagnosis, SHARE your patient experience and drive CHANGE by disseminating the Myeloma Diagnosis Pathway with your GP!

LEARN more about the challenges of diagnosing myeloma!
Read the MPE report “Myeloma Diagnosis Across Europe” here.

SHARE your patient experience!

Help us spread the word by sharing your own diagnosis story or posting the myeloma statistics and quote cards on your social media profiles. Click here to download our graphic resources and editable files.

Help drive CHANGE around early diagnosis!

MPE’s Myeloma Diagnosis Pathway outlines the main signs and symptoms of myeloma and the tests that should be conducted if myeloma is suspected. Share this with your GP to help raise awareness of myeloma and reduce diagnosis delays.

Click here for the Pathway, available in 14 languages.

Click below to check out and share the early diagnosis resources

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