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To raise awareness about myeloma and highlight the most important issues for European patients, as well as generate data and discuss solutions, Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) launched the first-ever European Myeloma Day on 27 September
The focus for 2022 is on diagnosis and the consequences of delays in detecting myeloma on time.  Early diagnosis of myeloma has been shown to minimise disease complications and improve quality of life. Yet, existing literature on myeloma and testaments from patients highlights that many patients experience delays, often due to non-specific symptoms, lack of myeloma awareness in primary care or other causes. To further explore these issues, MPE conducted a pan-European study to capture patient diagnostic experiences, the impact of a later diagnosis and solutions to improve diagnosis. Read here the full report called Myeloma Diagnosis Across Europe – The Diagnosis Experiences of European Myeloma Patients and Perspectives from European Haematologists.
MPE also has developed the European Myeloma Diagnosis Pathway outlining the main signs and symptoms of myeloma and the tests and investigations that should be undertaken if myeloma is suspected. Check the pathway here.



Myeloma Diagnosis Across Europe 


MPE Myeloma Diagnosis Pathway


Watch here the recording of the online event held by Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) on 27 September where MPE presented research findings from the Year of Action on early diagnosis, heard from patients and doctors about their diagnosis experience, and discussed strategies and actions to improve diagnosis across Europe.



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