Myeloma CABs

MPE works closely with researchers, academics, government, policy makers and the pharmaceutical industry to advocate for the best possible research and equal access to the most innovative treatment and care for patients. With this aim, MPE launched our Myeloma Community Advisory Board (CAB) in 2019.

A CAB is a scientific working group of patient advocates who monitor pharmaceutical developments in the given disease area through active and targeted interaction and long-term cooperation with pharmaceutical manufacturers, regulators and the scientific community working in the field. Pursuing this mission, CABs build on the work of volunteer expert patients by liaising with the pharmaceutical industry and other stakeholders.

The first Myeloma Community Advisory Board (Myeloma-CAB) is a working group of MPE that aims to promote best-in-class myeloma research as well as the harmonisation of good clinical practice, standard of care and access to the best available myeloma therapies and diagnostic tools.

Myeloma-CAB meetings are based on the proven CML Advocates Network and ECAB model implemented by the HIV patient community and European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) for more than a decade. They are community-run advisory boards where the patient community decides on the topics of highest relevance and impact for the patient community. Participants of the Myeloma-CAB meetings will have the opportunity for two-way dialogue discussing key topics in myeloma between leading advocates of the patient community and external stakeholders, and agreeing potential follow-up actions.

All agenda points of Myeloma-CAB meetings are decided by the Myeloma-CAB chairs in consultation with the members. External stakeholders attending the Myeloma-CAB meeting are invited to make suggestions for agenda points, but the Myeloma-CAB makes the final decision in the interests of the community.

Myeloma-CAB meetings are planned holistically, taking the opportunity to bring together top leaders from MPE. In addition to holding discussions with the pharmaceutical industry and other stakeholders, these meetings will be used for training and capacity building of the advocates.

List of MPE CAB meetings since 2019

CompanyMeeting date
CelgeneMay 2019, Warsaw, Poland
JanssenMay 2019, Warsaw, Poland
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)October 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
TakedaOctober 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
AmgenNovember 2019, Munich, Germany
JanssenNovember 2019, Munich, Germany
SanofiNovember 2019, Munich, Germany
PfizerMarch 2020, Virtual
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)June 2020, Virtual
RocheJuly 2020, Virtual
Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS)October 2020, Virtual
JanssenNovember 2020, Virtual
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)December 2020, Virtual
RocheOctober 2021, Virtual
JanssenOctober 2022, Virtual
TakedaNovember 2022, Virtual