Myeloma Access Atlas

Access to myeloma treatment across Europe is extremely variable. Patient advocacy groups can make a huge difference in improving access, but often don’t have the evidence, knowledge and tools to advocate effectively. The Myeloma Access Atlas aims to reflect access to myeloma treatment across more than 30 European countries, and help understand those differences by analysing a number of associated variables. Based on these findings MPE’s Atlas Coaching Programme is an opportunity for MPE members to identify priorities, gain the needed skills and build successful advocacy strategies to improve access to myeloma treatments in their countries.

The Myeloma Access Atlas is an online platform designed to provide myeloma and AL amyloidosis patient advocates with the information and tools needed to work effectively on access issues. The Atlas provides country-specific and comparative information on European health systems, including data on system performance and on access to myeloma and AL amyloidosis treatments. The aim behind the data and tools provided is to identify, understand and overcome variation in access to treatment and care in Europe.

Ananda Plate, board member and former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE), Eric Low, former vicepresident of MPE and Marta Ballester, project coordinator at Avedis Donabedian Research Institute, explain in this video the main objectives of this programme:

Designed to provide the information and tools needed to work on access issues.