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Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 29 March 2022, where MPE members were invited to discuss present and future MPE projects, vote on the annual budget, and hold board elections. Five members of the current board stepped down either due to reaching the maximum number of terms or for personal reasons: Hans Scheurer, Johannes Brenner and Kristina Modic (first elected in 2016) and Roman Slomkowski (2018) and Nikita E.Shklovskiy-Kordi (2020)
MPE wants to deeply thank these members for their work and commitment during their time of service and their contribution to improving myeloma and AL amyloidosis patients’ lives. Continue reading

A multi-stakeholder coalition consisting of more than 60 representatives from the global patient advocacy and clinical community has formed the International COVID-19 Blood Cancer Coalition (ICBCC) to address the specific impact of the pandemic on immunocompromised blood cancer patients and to recommend solutions and actions to mitigate those risks.
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Given the recent events on the world stage, we felt it was necessary to highlight our concern at the developing situation in Ukraine and to reiterate our support to patients, carers and our fellow patient advocacy groups within the country and in surrounding countries. Continue reading

Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) is pleased to share that Hans Scheurer, President of MPE, will be acting as Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) until a permanent CEO is appointed in the coming months.
This follows last year’s news that the founding CEO of MPE, Ananda Plate, has stood down from the role after ten very successful years. Continue reading

MPE 2021: Year in Review
Today Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) published our 2021: Year in Review, a snapshot of the major accomplishments from the past year.


In 2021, MPE launched two projects that will provide distinct and indispensable resources for the patient community: the launch of the redesigned Myeloma Access Atlas, helping the patient community to advocate more effectively for equal access to medicines, and the development of the European Myeloma Clinical Trial Navigator, which will significantly improve patients’ ability to make informed decisions about participation in clinical trials. These two projects usher in a new era of data-driven advocacy, true collaboration among multiple stakeholders to support patient organisations and the increase of transparency to empower individual patients. Continue reading

During the 63rd American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting and Exposition a study was presented about a phase III trial for treating myeloma. This treatment supports the current three-drug standard of care with a fourth drug, a monoclonal antibody that is designed to fight cancer while also stimulating the immune system.

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