Lise-Lott ErikssonLise-lott has been Chairman of the Swedish Blood Cancer Association since 2015 and was previously Chairman of the Blood Cancer Society in Stockholm.
Lise-Lott lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She was diagnosed with essential thrombocytemia in 2011 and her father was diagnosed with myeloma in 2009. In the Swedish Blood Cancer Association, she is very active in policy related issues within the Swedish cancer care area with focus on access to new drugs for hematological disorders (especially myeloma), reimbursement, pricing and patient influence in clinical trials and health technology assessment decisions. She works actively to raise the status of expert patient advocates in Sweden.
As well as being an effective patient advocate, she has prior experience working as a physiotherapist, in a variety of private healthcare settings and since 2006 has been CEO and co-owner of LM Design to Live in AB a family business in the construction business producing and selling individually designed site-built villas and tenant-owned apartments.