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Year of Action

From 27 September 2021 onwards, Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) is holding a Year of Action on Diagnosis designed to raise awareness, gather real-world insights, and implement a range of initiatives to promote the timely diagnosis of myeloma and AL amyloidosis in Europe.


Diagnosing myeloma and AL amyloidosis is very challenging in primary care, particularly given the rarity and non-specific symptoms. Patients often wait too long to be referred to secondary care, or they go through other specialities (such as emergency, bone or renal clinics) before being referred.


At MPE we know that early diagnosis significantly improves the outcomes and quality of life of patients and their experience of healthcare.


Throughout the Year of Action MPE will therefore work with members and other external stakeholders to better understand access to myeloma and AL amyloidosis diagnosis, raise awareness of the diagnosis challenges and implement a range of strategically designed initiatives and educational programmes with the aim of improving diagnosis and improving lives.


The Year of Action will culminate in the first-ever European Myeloma Day on 27 September 2022.


This website section has been created to house the surveys, reports, information, educational tools and campaign materials that we have planned throughout the Year of Action. It will be updated regularly, so keep an eye out for news and information!


Please help us spread the word about the Year of Action on Diagnosis by sharing this webpage and using the following hashtags: #thinkmyeloma #thinkALamy


Register your interest in being involved in the Year of Action on Diagnosis here.


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