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One of the main strategic objectives of MPE is to facilitate the development, capacity and sustainability of members. The rationale behind all MPE programmes is that, by equipping members with the right tools and knowledge, they become empowered and capable of delivering essential services to patients. This will over time create strong, professional, independent and sustainable organisations, that are able to advocate for the needs and wants of myeloma patients across Europe.

To achieve this, MPE has developed the Scholarship and Capacity Building Programme. Members are invited to submit applications to the Programme, where they participate in a series of general training sessions and one-on-one tutorials aimed at improving knowledge and skills on several topics they have identified as important.

In 2017, MPE granted 11 scholarships. 4 grants were allocated for patient days, 3 grants for website development and 4 grants for the following: online and printed materials, support group of caregivers, a workshop for empowering patients and a redesign of a clinical-trial database.

There are two main workstreams participants can apply through:

  • The patient day call which aims to provide participants with the tools and training to organise a patient information day from scratch (5 scholarships)
  • An open call for any initiative MPE members require support for (10 scholarships)

Following an application and selection process, participants are offered a grant of 3.000 euros to implement their idea, which they are asked to report to MPE against.

The applications should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Applicants should be a full member of MPE.
  • A maximum of 2 applications is allowed: one for the patient day call and one for any other initiative
  • The application should include a detailed outline of the program on a separate document, which includes relevant details such as rationales, agendas, speakers, target audience, etc. If the application refers to an event, date, time and city needs to be included in this document too.
  • The application should include a detailed budget for the whole program on a separate document
  • The application should include and express commitment to carry out the programme if scholarship is awarded
  • All applicants must submit a feedback report to state the outcomes of the program in no longer than 8 weeks since the end of the activity
  • The program should be run before 31 December 2018
  • In case any materials are released (brochures, Internet sites, leaflets, banners, etc.) you should include a mention to MPE. You can also include MPE logos.
  • Speakers fees are not allowed
  • Applications would be served on a first come, first served basis
  • MPE commits to provide an answer to each application in less than four weeks from the date in which the application had been submitted
  • MPE commits to put in place the training support to run the program, if needed

The call for expression of interest for the Scholarship & Capacity Building Programme 2019 will be open in January.