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Through direct support of our members, Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) helps to ensure that patients’ needs are met and endeavours to create robust and sustainable organisations that are empowered to advocate for myeloma and AL amyloidosis patients across Europe. As part of this commitment, MPE’s Scholarship and Capacity Building Programme invites member organisations to apply for an annual scholarship to implement a project that will benefit the patient community in their country.

This year, MPE offered 10 scholarships of up to €3,000 to our members. The members who received the scholarships and their projects are listed below.

  1. AMEN, Israel – Developing an online system to help myeloma patients access information about their rights and webinar on myeloma patient rights
  2. AMILO, Spain – Awareness campaign and webinar on AL amyloidosis and treatment updates
  3. APCL, Portugal – Multiple myeloma patient support group
  4. Blodkreftforeningen, Norway – Myeloma training for GPs and medical and nursing students
  5. Carita, Poland – “Cycling for Health 2022,” an event to raise awareness for the physical and social fitness of multiple myeloma patients
  6. HEMA, Macedonia – Publication of a patient information booklet on personalised healthcare
  7. KRAUJAS, Lithuania – Webinar on AL amyloidosis for patients and GPs
  8. Mercy Bridge, Russia – Educational resources for Multiple myeloma and AL amyloidosis patients
  9. Slovensko Združenje Bolnikov Z Limfomom in Levkemijo L&L, Slovenia – “Together on the Path to Health,” a rehabilitation programme for patients with blood cancer
  10. SOS Mielom, Romania – Awareness campaign and webinar on early diagnosis of AL amyloidosis and myeloma

To receive regular updates about these projects, look out for the “Member Spotlight” section in our monthly MPE newsletter.

Applications for the 2023 MPE Scholarship and Capacity Building grant will open at the beginning of 2023. Please be on the lookout for our newsletter with additional details.

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