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One of the main strategic objectives of MPE is to facilitate the development, capacity and sustainability of members. The rationale behind all MPE programmes is that, by equipping members with the right tools and knowledge, they become empowered and capable of delivering essential services to patients. This will over time create strong, professional, independent and sustainable organisations that are able to advocate for the needs and wants of myeloma patients across Europe.

To support this aim, MPE runs the Scholarship and Capacity Building Programme, through which we invite members to submit applications for an activity they want to implement to benefit the myeloma community in their country. MPE offers financial support to successful applicants through a grant of up to 3,000€ and we also provide any additional support required by members to help implement their idea (e.g. logistical help, design advice etc). In 2019, MPE is offering 10 scholarships of 3.000 € to develop activities that can have an impact in the myeloma and AL amyloidosis community.

The applications should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Applicants should be an  MPE member
  • Only one application per organisation is allowed
  • The applicants should complete the form below and submit a detailed outline of the programme on a separate document, which includes relevant details such as rationales, agendas, speakers, target audience, etc. If the application refers to an event, date, time and city needs to be included in this document. A detailed budget for the whole programme should be included
  • The application should include and express commitment to carry out the programme if the scholarship is awarded. If the programme or activity is not developed, the organisation must give back the grant
  • All applicants must submit a feedback report to state the outcomes of the programme no longer than 8 weeks after the end of the activity. Organisations that don’t submit a feedback report won’t be eligible in the next call for expression of interest
  • The funded activity or programme  should take place before 31 December 2019
  • Any published materials  (brochures, Internet sites, leaflets, banners, etc.) should mention MPE and include its logo
  • Speakers’ fees are not allowed
  • All applications will be reviewed by a committee composed by MPE members in charge of selecting the 10 awarded initiatives and ensure the balance between myeloma and AL amyloidosis activities
  • MPE commits to reply to each applicant by 30 April
  • MPE commits to provide one-to-one support to members to develop the activity, if needed

The deadline to submit applications is over.


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