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Dutch (Nederlands)

 Voorkeuren van patiënten omtrent behandelingen voor myeloom

Finnish (suomi)

Potilaan mieltymykset myelooman hoidoista

French (français) Préférences des patients concernant les traitements du myélome
German (Deutsch) Patientenpräferenzen zu Myelombehandlungen


Preferințele pacientului cu privire la tratamentele pentru mielom
Spanish (Español)

Preferencias del paciente sobre los tratamientos del mieloma


Our work is driven by the needs of myeloma patients. To best represent the patient voice in policy decisions, we need to know what is important to patients and their families. Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) in collaboration with KU Leuven and supported by PREFER are running an online patient preference survey to understand more about what myeloma patient preferences are for treatments.


The main goal of this survey is to identify the characteristics of myeloma treatments that are important to you, as a patient. Your participation will contribute to helping us understand more about your preferences around the benefits and risks of myeloma treatments. The findings of this research will help inform the development of new drugs and the understanding of the value of new medicines.


The survey will ask you hypothetical questions around your preferences for multiple myeloma treatments. The survey includes questions about: 1) your treatment preferences, 2) your personal characteristics and 3) your opinion of this survey. Please complete all three parts. This survey takes about 40 minutes to complete.


Your answers will be processed in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You will not be recognizable from the results: they will not contain your name or any identifiable information. Participation will not alter your treatment. Please read more information regarding the study HERE. 


The survey is available in Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Romanian and Spanish. You will find the survey in the link below and information translated into all relevant languages. On the second page of the survey, you will be able to select the language of your preference. It is best to complete the survey on your laptop, computer, or tablet (but if you are fine with smaller images and text, you can also use your smartphone). Please only complete this survey once.


This survey is conducted in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Cabezudo (Spain), Prof. Dr. Coriu (Romania) and Prof. Dr. Delforge (Belgium).


For additional information or if you have any questions about the survey, please, email our Head of Patient Evidence, Jayne Galinsky, at galinsky@mpeurope.org or Rosanne Janssens at rosanne.janssens@kuleuven.



MPE, the Belgian university KU Leuven and the IMI PREFER consortium would like to thank you in advance for completing the survey!