Travel, expenses and reimbursement process and criteria

Travel Expense

Do not book your travel until MPE has confirmed that we will hold the Masterclass in person. We will communicate our decision by the end of April 2022. If you book before MPE has confirmed that the event will be held in person, MPE is not liable to reimburse you for these costs or any cancellation fees.

  • MPE provides funding for travel, accommodation, and conference expenses.
  • Expenses will be covered for two representatives from each MPE full member organisation. For associate member groups and invited guests, one representative per group can attend.
  • Travel is booked by each delegate and will be reimbursed by MPE up to max. 350 EUR per delegate after the meeting.
  • Please complete your Expenses Reimbursement Form and send it to with a scanned copy of the original receipts within 30 days of the end of the conference.
  • Travelling by plane, train or car will be reimbursed based on the most economical fare.
  • The total travelling budget (including flight and transfers from home to the airport and the Masterclass venue) for each participant should not exceed 350 EUR.
  • Only public transport will be reimbursed. No taxis or similar will be reimbursed unless pre-approved (see exceptions).


Conference Expense

  • Accommodation (MPE will book a room for two nights, 1st July to 2nd July 2022), food and beverages will be covered by MPE directly at the Masterclass venue.
  • MPE will not reimburse any additional meals, accommodation and/or beverages


Other Expenses

  • All other expenses (e.g., upgrade of rooms, the difference from a single to double room, mini bar, hotel bar, additional meal orders, room service, telephone, laundry, taxi, newspapers, etc.) will not be covered directly nor reimbursed by MPE.
  • Additional expenses incurred for accompanying persons will not be covered by MPE.



  • In exceptional circumstances, such as health-related issues, MPE may decide to reimburse additional items. Such items of expense MUST be approved in advance and in writing by the MPE Office.
  • If your travel costs exceed 350 EUR, please contact the MPE Office as soon as possible to request approval for a more expensive flight.
  • If your organisation cannot afford to pay for the flight/flights upfront, please get in touch with the MPE Office as soon as possible to request MPE to book the flights directly.



  • Please use the shared Expenses Reimbursement Form to reclaim your costs within 30 days of the end of the Masterclass.
  • No expenses will be reimbursed after this date.
  • No expenses will be reimbursed without the corresponding original receipt/invoice.


Liability disclaimer

Your participation in the MPE Masterclass will be at your own risk. MPE will not be liable for any eventualities while travelling to and from or during the conference. We are not liable for injury loss or damages suffered by participants or third parties. The MPE Masterclass programme is carefully prepared and carried out based on the current knowledge of the topics concerned. However, MPE accepts no liability for the accuracy or currency of the information presented during the conference. Additionally, participants are advised to take out sufficient travel insurance to cover unforeseen events and losses including healthcare cover. In the event the trip is cancelled by the participant MPE will not reimburse expenditure incurred by intending participants as the presumption is that their travel insurance should cover this eventuality.



MPE Masterclass is primarily funded through unrestricted sponsorship grants from the pharmaceutical industry. A list of sponsors in 2022 can be found on the MPE Website, once sponsorships are confirmed. PLEASE NOTE: These grants will not be related to any objectives or any content of the Masterclass. The idea, conception, planning, preparation, realisation, management, and the summary of the Masterclass will be the responsibility of MPE – without any influence from the sponsors.



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