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Project Launch date: Friday 25th February 2022


This project aims to examine the preferences of European working-age myeloma patients. The research will expand our understanding of what is important to patients who are younger than the average age of patients with myeloma (average age at diagnosis being 70), what it is like to live with multiple myeloma, what the priorities for treatment are, and what would help working-age patients and/or their family. A segment of the project will be dedicated to a discussion on early supportive and palliative care to understand more about how patients and carers have been involved in discussions around this important piece of the treatment and care pathway.


This will be a qualitative research project including patients from both eastern and western Europe to better understand differences in issues affecting this patient population.


The outputs of this project will advance and expand our understanding of patients living with myeloma, which will inform future research and the care and treatment of patients.


This project will be managed by MPE and conducted by the University of Stirling.


Recruitment will be led by MPE and its German, Polish and Czech members.


Recruitment status: Now Open


If you meet the criteria below and would like to participate in this study, please email kinga.goodwin@stir.ac.uk.

  • You are a multiple myeloma patient who has undergone at least 1 line of treatment
  • And: you live in either Germany, Czech Republic, or Poland
  • And: you were/are of working age when you had your first line of treatment (Germany = under 65, Czech Republic = under 63, Poland = under 65 for men & under 60 for women)
  • Or: You are a family member of a patient involved in the research


Please note: All interviews will be conducted in the language of preference (English, German, Polish or Czech)

To stay up to date on the project’s progress, follow @MyelomaStudy on Twitter or visit the project website.