Welcome to the Advocate Development Programme (ADP)

This course has been designed and developed for MPE members and myeloma advocates. It will support your capacity development and will allow you to become an ever more efficient patient advocate, so that you can help other patients in your communities. The MPE Advocate Development Programme aims to help myeloma advocates understand the research and development process of drugs, from the preclinical stages through to post-marketing surveillance and national access.

This course takes 12 months to complete at a relatively comfortable pace. It is composed of this online course manual, online webinars and four face-to-face events attached the most important myeloma scientific meetings in Europe: the European Haematology Association (EHA) Annual Meeting and the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) Annual Meeting, the ISPOR Conference and an internal MPE event. The Calendar orientates you about events and deadlines.

Each lessons starts with a definition of learning objectives and outcomes. There are texts, readers, videos and audio materials to convey the learning material in the best possible way. Revision questions, short tests, reflective questions will support your learning process further. You are strongly encouraged to use the mailing list that you have been added to, which will be your main forum for interaction with fellow students and the course faculty.

This course is largely based on the training materials developed by and for the European Patients’ Academy for Therapeutic Innovation EUPATI. EUPATI provides all of its content for free, non-commercial use under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 copyright license.

Feel free to browse all pages and articles. This online course manual is a living document that you, fellow students and the course faculty will develop further together. This will be a recurrent topic for the course webinars. You should direct all your questions and comments to the course coordinators Jan Geissler and Tamás Bereczky.