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Our Medical Advisory Committee advises us and provides evidence-based recommendations to our team and members in support of advocacy initiatives. It is composed of key opinion leaders representing myeloma and AL amyloidosis specialties, as well as MPE’s member countries. They update us on myeloma and AL amyloidosis disease, diagnostics, and treatments.

The activities of the Medical Advisory Committee are defined by the patient community’s current unmet needs and concerns and are organized around clinical practice, research, technical, and medical questions. Its members give talks, webinars, interviews at scientific conferences, review communication documents, answer clinical questions, disseminate and participate in surveys, collaborate on research projects, and join discussion groups on selected topics. We all meet once a year to discuss past year activities and future projects as well as current needs and challenges.

This collaboration will help address common challenges, such as treatment access, early diagnosis, cross-border healthcare, management of patients’ expectations via education and information, and improve treatment/cure discovery and development.


Our Medical Advisory Committee:

Prof. Heinz Ludwig (Austria)

Dr. Vsevolod Potapenko (Russia)

Prof.  Roman Hájek (Czech Republic)

Dr. Paolo Milani (Italy)

Dr. Ulf-Henrik Mellqvist (Sweden)

Dr.  Charlotte Pawlyn (United Kingdom)

Prof. Pieter Sonneveld (The Netherlands)

Prof.  Michel Delforge (Belgium)

Dr. Anna Sureda (Spain)

Dr. Laurent Garderet (France)

Dr.  Moshe Gatt (Israel)

Prof. Oliver Karanfilski (Republic of North Macedonia)

Dr. Valdas Pečeliūnas (Lithuania)

Prof. Katja Weisel (Germany)

Prof. Sonja Zweegman (Netherlands)

Prof. Meral Beksac (Turkey)

Prof. Efstathios Kastritis (Greece)

Prof. Monique Minnema (The Netherlands)

Dr. Magdalena Olszewska-Szopa (Poland)