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Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) is pleased to share that Hans Scheurer, President of MPE, will be acting as Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) until a permanent CEO is appointed in the coming months.
This follows last year’s news that the founding CEO of MPE, Ananda Plate, has stood down from the role after ten very successful years.
Hans will be supported in his role as Interim CEO by a formal management committee, who will oversee the day-to-day operations and programmes of MPE in this transition period. Alongside Hans, the management committee includes Katie Joyner, Chief Operating Officer and Kate Morgan, Head of Policy and Access. Prior to her departure, the management committee worked with Ananda on an effective and smooth transition and project plans are in place across all departments for the coming months.
Members, sponsors and other key stakeholders will be kept informed when an appointment is made to the permanent role of CEO. MPE will also provide a detailed update to members and sponsors about the recent management changes at the upcoming MPE Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Sponsors and Collaborators Meeting – both of which will be held virtually in Spring 2022.
In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments about these changes at MPE, please email info@mpeurope.org
Ron Dloomy, Vice-President of MPE, on behalf of the MPE Board commented:

“We are delighted that our colleague Hans has stepped up to the role of Interim CEO, given his knowledge and commitment to MPE. Following Ananda’s departure, the Board felt it was very important to have leadership continuity ensuring the effective delivery of MPE’s strategic plan and stability in the transition period. A permanent CEO will be identified after an ongoing recruitment campaign, through which we will ensure we find a high-quality candidate to steer the organisation in the coming years. As we plan for the future, we’d again like to thank Ananda for her hard work and successes over the past ten years.”
Hans Scheurer, President and Interim CEO commented:

“I am delighted to be temporarily taking a more active role in the staff team at MPE. Since our inception, we have been working hard to build a strong and resilient organisation and we currently have a very capable team and effective structure in place to implement our strategic vision and goals. My appointment as Interim CEO is a practical one, as I have worked closely with Ananda over many years. It will allow us to operate with business as usual at MPE and I look forward to a smooth transition with the new CEO once appointed.”

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