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MPE 2021: Year in Review
Today Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) published our 2021: Year in Review, a snapshot of the major accomplishments from the past year.


In 2021, MPE launched two projects that will provide distinct and indispensable resources for the patient community: the launch of the redesigned Myeloma Access Atlas, helping the patient community to advocate more effectively for equal access to medicines, and the development of the European Myeloma Clinical Trial Navigator, which will significantly improve patients’ ability to make informed decisions about participation in clinical trials. These two projects usher in a new era of data-driven advocacy, true collaboration among multiple stakeholders to support patient organisations and the increase of transparency to empower individual patients.


This year also saw the expansion of our Evidence Generation Unit and the launch of a new model to facilitate collaboration between MPE, academia, industry and regulators. Through several key research projects, MPE and our partners will better understand the complex and diverse needs of patients and carers, and leverage the findings to identify solutions to address the issues of highest concern for MPE members and the broader patient community.


MPE’s core programmes, including our Advocate Development Programme, annual Masterclass, Scholarship and Capacity Building Programme and more, continue to build and galvanise a network of skillful, effective and resilient myeloma patient advocacy organisations and individual advocates across Europe. These programmes remain deeply attuned to the evolving needs of the patient community and our member organisations, providing support and resources for evidence-based advocacy at local, national and European levels.


Our ongoing involvement in two Horizon 2020 projects and two Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) projects this year has strengthened MPE’s position and partnerships with key stakeholders and institutions across Europe. MPE is proud to collaborate through these consortiums, the efforts of which will have lasting and profound impacts on the quality and delivery of patient treatment and care.


In this report you will read about MPE’s major successes in 2021 and our plans to continue to improve patient outcomes across Europe, as well as support our members who help thousands of patients and carers access the information, support and treatment they need every day.


Click here to read MPE’s 2021: Year in Review

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