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Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) has today relaunched the Myeloma Access Atlas, an online platform designed to provide myeloma and AL amyloidosis patient advocates with the information and tools needed to work effectively on access issues. Explore the Platform here.


The Atlas provides country-specific and comparative information on European healthcare systems, including data on system performance and on access inequalities to myeloma treatments. The aim behind the data and tools provided is to identify, understand and overcome variation in access to treatment and care in Europe. It is also underpinned by the policy and regulatory work MPE does in Europe.


Ananda Plate, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Myeloma Patients Europe commented:


“We are so pleased to be relaunching the Myeloma Access Atlas today. A lot of work has gone into making it as useful and interactive as possible for our members and it will serve as a good basis from which to gather and house further data on European access inequalities. We are particularly proud of the medicines access heatmaps, which for the first time comprehensively detail access to myeloma drug and drug combinations across Europe and very clearly show the work that needs to be done to improve inequalities. We look forward to working with the wider myeloma community to design initiatives to explore and address these issues.”


Roman Hájek, M.D., Ph.D., University Hospital Ostrava, Czech Republic also commented:


“This is a fantastic resource from Myeloma Patients Europe, and I really commend them on gathering such useful data. From the perspective of a myeloma doctor and researcher it is extremely helpful to see how different countries compare in terms of access and how the best clinical trial data does not necessarily translate into approvals and access.”


Under the umbrella of the Atlas, through the Atlas Coaching Programme, MPE also works on one-to-one basis with members and other stakeholders (as required) to provide support in identifying and removing access barriers and reducing systemic health inequalities. MPE also promotes regional collaborations on access challenges, such as through its Central and Eastern European Workgroup, where MPE has commissioned a project on access to clinical trials. Members should feel free to get in touch with the Policy and Access Team at MPE to discuss or report any access challenges (or successes!) or request support by emailing access@mpeurope.org


Examples of the work that MPE has already undertaken as part of the Atlas Coaching Programme includes writing to the Polish Health Authorities about a proposed removal of daratumumab from national funding and supporting members with submissions to reimbursement organisations. You can see case studies from the Atlas Coaching Programme here.


For further information

You can see the press release on the launch of the Myeloma Access Atlas here.

Access the Myeloma Access Atlas here.


If you have any questions or comments about the Atlas, feel free to email the MPE Access Team at access@mpeurope.org


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