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Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) has put together an advice sheet for our members and myeloma patients on coronavirus (Covid-19). This advice has been reviewed by our scientific advisors and will be continually updated to reflect the latest information.

Download Coronavirus (Covid-19) and myeloma

Whilst many people will only get mild to moderate symptoms, myeloma patients should be extra cautious during the current outbreak. This is because myeloma and its treatment can weaken the ability of the immune system to fight infection, making patients more susceptible to catching coronavirus and experiencing complications. This also applies to AL amyloidosis patients.

In line with advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other expert health bodies, the advice sheet recommends the following:

  • Ensure you maintain social distancing.
  • Wash your hands more frequently than normal.
  • Practice good respiratory hygiene.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Stay healthy – by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine but avoiding gyms and crowded shops.
  • Stay informed – follow advice given by your healthcare provider, healthcare professional, your national and local health authorities or your employer on how to protect yourself from coronavirus.

The advice sheet also provides information on what to do if you are a patient and think you have coronavirus.

MPE is working with myeloma clinicians to put together a detailed FAQ for myeloma and AL amyloidosis patients. If you have any specific questions you wish to ask, please email info@mpeurope.org.

We are also working to translate this document into different European languages. If you feel there is a need for this information and subsequent Q&A to translated into your language, please also email info@mpeurope.org.



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