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The European Hematology Association (EHA) and European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) held the first European CAR T Cell Meeting together in Paris on February 14-16, 2019.

Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell therapy (CAR-T) is revolutionizing the field of hematologic malignancies and has the potential to achieve cure for a number of dreadful diseases. The recent approvals of the first CAR T Cell treatments in Europe provide a great opportunity to fight hematologic malignancies, but also poses serious challenges given the peculiar nature of the treatment.

This 1st European CAR-T workshop was a great opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge with the key opinion leader in the CAR-T field and to train physicians and nurses from all over Europe. This important scientific meeting was co-chaired by the CARAMBA coordinator Dr. Michael Hudecek.

The Horizon 2020 CARAMBA project is using the revolutionary CAR-T cell technology. Through strategic collaboration with a wide-range of stakeholders, including Myeloma Patients Europe, the consortium aims to ensure the streamlined transition of CAR-T from the laboratory through to myeloma patients in the clinic.

Within CARAMBA, a phase I/II immunotherapy clinical trial will be conducted with patient-derived T-cells that are engineered to express a synthetic chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) specific for the myeloma antigen SLAMF7.


Members of the CARAMBA project consortium explain in this video the role of CAR-T cells in myeloma and highlights discussed in this scientific meeting.



Find more information on the Horizon2020 CARAMBA project in this video recorded in English and translated into four additional languages: French, German, Spanish and Italian

For further information, please visit the Horizon2020 website: https://www.caramba-cart.eu/

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