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Where is your patient group? Where do you want to get to? How you will get there? Patient organisations usually find several issues when trying to achieve their objectives due to limitations in terms of resources, time or strategy. However, some other are able so overcome these barriers and succeed in their mission. So how are they able to make it? The answer is simple: they have a plan.

canstockphoto11130477One of the main goals of MPE is to build capacity among its members. For this reason, we have developed a full program on how to develop a proper business plan in order to help our members to improve their results and become sustainable.

On May 23 we kick off with a workshop in Madrid to fully cover all these areas. You can access the program agenda online. The materials and conclussion will be also published shortly.

Recent news

» Myeloma diagnosis can take over 5 months and require more than 4 medical consultations with more than 3 different specialists

» The European Medicines Agency (EMA) approves Melflufen (Pepaxti®) for the treatment of refractory myeloma

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