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Myeloma Patients Europe is currently developing a European Atlas of Access to Myeloma Treatment.

Access to treatment across Europe is extremely variable. Patient group advocacy can make a huge difference in improving access, but often doesn’t have the evidence, knowledge and tools to advocate effectively.

The European Atlas of Access to Myeloma Treatment aims to reflect the situation of access to myeloma treatment across more than 30 European countries, and help understand those differences by analysing a number of associated variables.

An important part of this project revolves around a survey aimed at collecting the information that MPE partners and other organisations have on the situation of access to treatment in their country.

More specifically, the survey is structured in four areas related to access to treatment:

Resources: focused on the type of coverage/reimbursement options for the treatment
Diagnosis: focused on the current situation of the diagnostic process and the perceived barriers to diagnosis
Treatment: focused on the current standards of treatment, types of care offered and perceived barriers to treatment
Governance: focused on the role of patients’ organisations in health policy design

This information, gathered through the survey, will be complemented and enriched with a thorough research across relevant literature.

The final document will consist in an online interactive atlas and a thorough analysis of the current situation and exploration of variables associated to the differences of access to treatment.

Ultimately, the Atlas shall be a tool for patient groups to better understand the access issues in their countries. But also, by creating evidence on the gaps and differences of access to myeloma treatment across Europe, it shall be aninstrument for these groups to facilitate and increase the level of success when advocating for patients at a national or European level.

You can download the survey leaflet to know more about this project. Should you be interested in receiving more information on this project or in taking part in the survey, please complete the form below.

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